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web development

Our team has experience and expertise with database programming and other languages including: ASP.NET, VB, JavaScript and SQL to name a few. We can design and optimize your database or integrate your existing relational database into your web site for dynamic or static online data retrieval and manipulation.

Providing appropriate information to your potential and existing customers is critical. Inorbital has mastered the skills in Web and database replication and integration. Inorbital can help your organization create the necessary infrastructure. This will ensure that web based applications built around your existing environment will function as required at all times. Inorbital has been a key player in several large successful implementations involving database replications and database integrations.

The Web is just budding as a sales medium, but as a pre-sales and product support medium it is already booming. The true treasure of the Web is as a tool that lets you reduce communications costs with customers, suppliers and partners.

Database integration and scalability is crucial to dynamic ecommerce sites. Databases contain all product inventory, sales records and account information and are made to process a projected number of inquiries per week, month or year.

Once the database has been established, languages such as ASP can be used as an interface. This allows authenticated users abilities to add, modify and delete records in the database via the Internet.

The database can reside on Inorbital's shared or client's dedicated web server which will process the requests, call on the database and transmit the results while maintaining the information's integrity.

We provide client's with full control over the configuration and administration of their business systems. We have developed standard Web applications to answer the core needs of our customers so we can contemplate our development time on how we can apply and integrate those solutions to meet the unique requirements of each customer.

Our web programmers are specialized in building dynamic web sites and high end ecommerce web site application development using ASP.Net, PHP, ASP, AJAX, ATLAS, Flash Actions Script Programming etc. Our customized Web site Design solution enabling company's mission to provide customers with stable and reliable web site development service as a step ahead in this regards.

Hiring PHP, ASP And ASP.NET, VB.NET Web Programmers on Full Time Equivalent (FTE) Contract Basis

  • Programmers and Developers
  • VB .NET Programmers
  • ASP .NET Programmers
  • PHP Programmers
  • C#, C++, Java, My SQL Programmers
  • Web Designers and Flash Developers
  • Technical Support Professional
  • Search Engine Optimizers